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Reliable Automation is a machine building company specializing in the design and build of special machinery and automated tools for the Automotive, Medical, Aerospace, Appliance, Furniture, and Consumer Goods industries. Reliable Automation will help turn your vision of a concept into a turn-key, world class piece of equipment.

Founded in 2007 based on the principle of forging solid customer relationships, developing innovation for tomorrow, and providing quality products thru efficiency and team work, our team now consists of 35+ employees ranging from project managers, engineers, skilled craftsmen, and the most essential team member, our customers.


Here are some examples of the products we design and build:

Assembly Machines: 

  • Robot Integration

  • Sonic Welding

  • Infrastaking

  • Hot & Cold Tip Heat Staking

  • Screw Driving w/ Metrics Feedback

  • Clip Driving

  • Laser Marking

  • High Speed Assembly Lines with Bowl Feeders

  • Nut & Stud Runner Machines

  • Multi-Station Dial Systems

  • Hot Plate Weld Tooling

  • Orbital Riveting

  • De-gate Tooling

  • Edge Wrapping

  • Clinch Nut Tooling

  • Self Piercing Riveting

Test Equipment:

  • Function Test Machines

  • Leak Test Machines

  • Current Decay Machines

Welding Equipment: 

  • Robotic MIG & Spot Weld Systems

  • TIG Welders

  • Manual MIG Weld Tools

  • Resistance Weld Systems

  • Projection Welded Nut & Stud H-Frames

  • Projection Welded Nut & Stud Quick Change Tools

Machining Equipment: 

  • CNC Machining Fixtures

  • High Volume Machining Dials

  • Drill Machines

  • Custom Saw Applications

  • De-burr Equipment


Bonding Equipment:

  • SMC Bonders (Cartridge Heated, Hot Air Impingement, Oil, and No Heat Required)

  • De-Flash Stands

  • Robotic Dispense Applications

For more examples, please visit our gallery page.

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