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Mechanical Engineering

Reliable Automation utilizes Dassult Systems SolidWorks 3D design software for all of their design needs. Built into this software are many tools that enable us to create robust solutions to complex manufacturing needs. Along with SolidWorks, we also have multiple licenses of TransMagic, a CAD translation and geometry repair software that allows us to import and export all native and neutral formats as well as repair them so we know the data we are working with is accurate and clean. With 50+ years of combined machine design experience, we can work thru any project, big or small.


Every piece of equipment starts here, with a well thought out concept and thoroughly analyzed design, including FEA (Finite Element Analysis). This tool allows us to see how our design will react under life-like loads, and dynamics. The mechanical engineers at Reliable Automation develop each and every design with the same degree of expertise to ensure the end product is one built to withstand the test of time.


For a summarized list of the types of equipment that we have designed, please visit our About Us page.


Please check back for updated gallery posts as we are in the process of uploading images.

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